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Monday, March 11, 2013

Bar Cart Playlist

Happy Monday, Listeners!
I really like to drink cocktails. I really like to drink a lot of cocktails. 
AND there are few things better than sipping a cocktail while listening to some great music. 
Enter today's playlist.
I'm currently on the insane hunt to find a perfect bar cart to continue my adoration, and while I hunt, here are some groovy drink-tunes for all of us to enjoy!
PS - this is my 60TH Playlist! Wha whaaa? Thanks for checking in!

1. Tegan And Sara "Closer"

2. Ben Lee "Catch My Disease"

3. Daughter "Landfill"

4. Electric Guest "Awake"

5. Ben L'Oncle Soul "Seven Nation Army"

6. Miriam Bryant "Finders, Keepers"

7. Haim "Forever"

8. Diamond Rings "All The Time"

9. Cults "You Know What I Mean"

10. Trails And Ways "Mtn Tune"

11. Metronomy "Everything Goes My Way"

12. Emeli Sande "My Kind Of Love"

13. Mr. Little Jeans "Runaway"

14. Yuna "Live Your Life"

15. Foxes "White Coats"

16. Theophilus London "I Stand Alone"

17. Patsy Cline "Crazy"

Check out the entire playlist (and all other 59) on Spotify! For FREE!

Enjoy these jams and have a beautiful week!

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