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Monday, July 30, 2012

Sparkles Playlist

Happy Monday, Listeners! 
Here are some fun tunes to start your week off right!

1. White Sea "Overdrawn"

2. Peter and Gordon "A World Without Love"

3. Ratatat "Kennedy"

4. The Raveonettes "Twilight"

5. Army Navy "Slight of Hand"

6. Class Actress "Careful What You Say"

7. T-Rex "Teenage Dream"

8. Siskiyou "Twigs and Stones"

9. Fela Kuti "My Lady Frustration"

10. I'm From Barcelona "Collection of Stamps"

11. The Fruhstucks "My Punk Is Alive (Inside)"

12. The Ettes "Alley Cat"

13. Orange Juice "Falling and Laughing"

14. Walk The Moon "I Can Lift A Car"

15. Bobby Darin "Actions Speak Louder Than Words That's All"

You can listen to the whole playlist on Spotify! Becoming a member is FREE, and it's a RAD way to experience music! Check it out! 

Enjoy these tunes and have a fabulous week!

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