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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thread-Wrapped Wire Jewelry

Hello Crafters!
It's been a while since I posted something crafty, and today I will remedy that! Today's craft is a fun and cute jewelry project! Thread-Wrapped wire jewelry!
- Embroidery Thread
- Craft/Jewelry Wire 
- Round Nose Pliers
-Wire Cutters of some sort
- Chain or Whatever kind of bracelet/necklace material you want
- Clear Nail Polish
*Optional: Jewelry Clasp, Charm or Tassel, Beads, Etc.

How To Make It:
1. Cut a piece of wire, think roughly about 10". Using your round pliers, create a loop at one end.
2. Keep your thread in the roll (it makes it easier) tie a tight knot near the wire loop. Double or triple tie it to make sure it stays on.
3. Wrap your thread very tightly around the wire, working all the way across.
4. Keep wrapping as tightly as you can, and when you get almost all the way to the end (leave about one inch) tightly quadruple knot the thread. 
5. Cut off the rest of the thread and coat your knot with clear nail polish, and let dry. 
6. Cut off excess wire, leaving about half an inch, and using the pliers make a loop like the one you did on the other end. 
7. Go back to the end you started on, cut off excess thread and coat that knot in clear polish too. 
8. Using your pliers, start spelling out your word. To create O's or other round letters you can use the lid of your nail polish or a marker or something. 
9. Once you have your word (I tried a couple different ones but love was the easiest. I was also super rushed so it didn't turn out ideally), attach your chain or thread to the length you want!
10. If you're doing a charm or tassel or something, add this when you attach the chain.
Wear and Enjoy!

For Much Better and More Thorough Directions, Check it out Here

Here's Mine as a Necklace and a Bracelet:

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