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Thursday, May 3, 2012

How To Cocktail Party

I was thinking of How-To's today when I passed the wine rack in my kitchen. Then it struck me that time and time again I find myself at a gathering where someone doesn't know how to do something cocktail related, be it open a bottle of champagne or mix a martini. So for today's how-to I thought I'd give you 3 quick instructions!

How To Pop A Bottle Of Champagne:
~ Click Here for Further Instructions and Video~
1. Make sure your bottle is cold, and ALWAYS pointing away from you and others! 
2. Loosen the wire cage and slowly pull off. Then cover cork with a dish towel to make sure the cork doesn't shoot away
3. Slowly twist the bottle until you hear/feel the cork pop
4. Pour slowly into a champagne flute and enjoy!

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine:
~ Click Here for Instructions and Video ~
1. Remove the Foil using the corkscrew knife
2. Screw the Wine Opener into the cork
3. Using the corkscrew's bottle rest, lift & pull the cork 1/2 way
4. Use your hand & pull the cork the rest of the way

How To Shake A Perfect Martini:
~ Click Here for Video and Here for Further Instructions ~
1. Pour 2 1/2 oz Gin or Vodka into Shaker based on preference
2. Add hint vermouth (just a hint: think 1 part vermouth to 8 parts vodka)
3. Pour in ice and shake 
4. Pour through strainer into chilled martini glass
5. Garnish with olive 

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