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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stencil Time!

Hi Crafters!
Today's craft is a simple idea with limitless possibilities: Making your own stencils! There are TONS of different ways to make them, but I thought I'd start with a simple cut out. 

- Piece of card stock or stencil plastic (just something sturdy)
- Exacto Knife
- Felt Pen or Sharpie
- Spray Paint
* And whatever you want to decorate!

How To Make It:
1. Unless you already have your image, the easiest way to find a stencil is to just use google! For mine, I googled "unicorn stencil" and it took me to a site for spray paint stencils. I found this:
2. Tape the stencil to the card stock and trace it with your pen
3. Cut it out with your exacto knife. And Voila! You have your stencil!
To Use It:
1. Lay or tape down the stencil to the surface of your object destined to be decorated. 
* If you're doing a piece of clothing, be sure to put a paper bag between layers so it doesn't bleed through
2. Shake spray paint can vigorously & hold about 6 inches away from the surface and spray evenly 
If you want to learn more or get more complicated, a terrific book to check out is Stencil 101 by Ed Roth. This teaches you different techniques and how to make some and comes with a bunch of already made stencils! You can make all kinds of rad stuff! Check out the bluebird wall decorations I made below!

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