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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty Glow Jars

Hello Crafters!
Today's craft is another super easy, cheap and fun craft that is out of this world! Perfect for any table, shelf or nightstand, or a patio/balcony, these glowing pieces will light up any dark area with awesome. 
- Mason Jars (Check Ace or a Hardware Store)
- Glow in The Dark Paint (try for 2 different colored shades, and make sure it is STRONG)
- Paintbrush & Some Water
How To Make It:
1. Make sure your jars are washed/clean and mix the paint with your brushes to evenly mix the glow particles. 
2. Make tiny different sized dots throughout the inside of the jar with the different colored paints. The more dots, the brighter and more fun it will look. 
3. That's it! To power up the glowing of the paint, hold the jar up to or set it underneath a light bulb or in the sun. 
* Think of fun ways to make it yours! Choose a couple different sizes of mason jars, hot glue some ribbon to the sides and hang them from your ceiling or patio, drizzle the paint down the sides for a streaky look, write words or paint designs, try using glasses or bottles if you so choose!

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