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Monday, March 19, 2012

Playlist March 19th!

Hhhaaappppyyyyy Monnnddaayyyy!
Another week, another playlist! Get your week jump-started with new music! 

1. Peter Bjorn And John "Young Folks"

2. Birdy "Skinny Love" 

3. Kate Earl "Only In Dreams" 

4. Dirty Beaches "True Blue"

5. Foster The People "Houdini"

6. Girls "Love Like A River"

7. Laura Stevenson and the Cans "Master of Art"

8. Katie Herzig "Lost and Found"

9. JayMay "Rock Scissors Paper (RSP)"

10. The Tallest Man On Earth "The Wild Hunt"

11. Charlotte Sometimes "Ex Girlfriend Syndrome"

12. Washed Out "You and I"

13. Imelda May "Wild About My Lovin"

Hope You like these! To listen to the playlist in full, check it out in Spotify! You'll need to become a member but it's fast and easy and FREE! A totally fab way to listen to, share and discover music! 

Also, most of this music is available for purchase on iTunes!

Enjoy these tunes and have FANTASTIC week! Don't forget to check in every day for new posts!

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