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Monday, January 30, 2012

Playlist January 30th!

Happy Monday!

Here's some fun music to set your week off on the right foot! The ones that have (in my humble opinion) particularly neat videos have link to youtube in parentheses. 

1. Cake “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up”

2. Kimbra “Cameo Lover” (video – actually most of her videos are pretty fun if you’re in the mood to fall down the youtube rabbit hole)

3.  Frank Sinatra "The Girl From Ipanema"  
4. Aloe Blacc “I need a Dollar” (video)

5. TuNe-YaRdS "Bizness" (video)

6. Punch Brothers “Next to the Trash” 
 7. The Bird and the Bee "You're A Cad"

8. The Lovin' Spoonful "(Sittin Here)  Lovin You"   

9. Washington "Rich Kids"

10. The Walkmen "We've Been Had" 

11. Little Red "Rock It"

12. Janelle Monae “Sincerely, Jane” (EP Version) (there's no video for this, but if you haven't seen the tightrope video, check it out! She rocks)

To listen to the whole playlist, check it out on Spotify (you’ll need to be a member, but it’s free and an awesome way to share tunes!)

Also, most of the songs are available for purchase on iTunes.
Enjoy these tracks and I hope you have a Wonderful Week!

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